Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Jokes : I though you were the father of one of my children.


 A man standing in line at a check out counter of a grocery store
was very surprised when a very attractive woman behind him said,
"Hello!"  Her face was beaming.

He gave her that "who are you look,"
and couldn't remember ever having seen her before.

Then, noticing his look, she figured she had made a mistake
and apologized.
"Look," she said "I'm really sorry but when I first saw you,
I thought you were the father of one of my children,"
and walked out of the store.

The guy was dumbfounded and thought to himself,
"What the hell is the world coming to?
Here is an attractive woman who can't keep track of
who fathers her children! "

Then he got a little panicky. "I don't remember her,"
he thought but, MAYBE....during one of the wild parties
he had been to when he was in college,
perhaps he did father her child !

He ran from the store and caught her in the parking lot
and asked,
"Are you the girl I met at a party in college and then
we got really drunk and had wild crazy sex on the
pool table in front of everyone?"

"No", she said with a horrified look on her face.
" I'm your son's second grade teacher "


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