Thursday, March 29, 2007

jokes : The Pail and Saucer method.


Two city girls and one farm girl met with a counselor before getting married
to discuss birth control methods.
The counselor asked them if they planned on having a baby right away or
were they going to wait awhile.
They all agreed that they had discussed this with their future husbands and
all agreed to wait awhile.
The counselor asked the first girl what type of birth control she planned to use.

Her answer was, "the rhythm method"
"That will work as long as you keep really good records"  said the counselor.

He asked the second girl what method of birth control she planned on using.
"I plan on using birth control pills" she said.
The counselor replied,
"Yes, that will work, as long as you don't forget to take them.

He then asked the farm girl what system shewas planning on using.
The farm girl said, "The pail and saucer method."
After a short pause, the counselor, obviously miffed, said,
"Right. I guess that should work."

He asked them all to come back in one year on a specific date for a
follow up on how things were going.

They all met again one year later and the two city girls were pregnant.
Only the farm girl was slim and trim yet.

The counselor asked the first girl, "What birth control did you use,,,,,
and what went wrong???"
She replied, "I used the rhythm method,,, but somehow my notes got
mixed up and, well, here I am, preparing to have a baby in about 6 weeks!!!"

He asked the second city girl, "What birth control method did you use,
and what went wrong??" 
She replied, "The birth control pill, but we were camping one weekend
and I didn't have any pills with me. As you see, I too am going to have
a baby pretty soon!!!"

He then said to the farm girl,
"I vaguely remember that you were going to use the pail and saucer method.
Now I must admit that I don't have a clue what the pail and saucer method is.
Will you explain it to me??? It seems to have worked very well for you."

She replied, "Well, we always be sure to make love standing up.
Since I am quite a bit taller than my husband, he stands on a pail that is
turned upside down.
Now as we are making love, I watch his eyes.
When they get as big as saucers I kick the pail out from under him !!!"



  1. got me there, doc....:)))

  2. hahaha, itu bisa dipakai buat metode KB di Indo ya dok, tapi kayaknya cuma kalo cowok indo married ama cewek bule klali yah, jarang-jarang kan wanita indo lebih tinggi dari cowoknya. hahahaha

  3. wakekekekkakakak... lucu beneran ♥