Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Jokes : I am no longer the virgin I used to be.


Pauly's family is at dinner,
the 10-year-old daughter isn't eating much,
and she just keeps her head down...

After a few minutes, she says,
" I have something to tell you."
Everyone gets silent and they all listen.
" I am no longer the virgin I used to be."
And she begins to cry.

A long silence, and Pauly speaks to Mrs Pauly :
" It's your fault, you know, always dressed and
made up like a tramp.
You think that's an example for your daughter ?
Always wallowing on the sofa; it's just terrible;
that's why problems like this come up!

Then Mrs Pauly lights in on Pauly: "
And YOU ! Do you think that you're a good example ?
Wasting your scrawny paycheck with your drinking
buddies who even come drunk into the house --
do you think that's a good example for a little girl
10 years old ?"

Then Pauly charges back in:
"And her sister, that no-good, with her hairy and
dope-crazed boyfriend, always with their hands
all over each other and screwing in every room
in the house --
you think that's a good example too?" 

And it goes on and on, back and forth.

Then the grandmother hugs the little girl to console her
and asks, " Now, darling, how did this happen ?

And the little girl answers, trying to hold back her sobbing:
" Father Michael chose another girl to be the Virgin in the
Christmas pageant this year."